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Joshua New Pic

• Posted on 30 Sep 2008

more pics from Alec Romano Site visit at

Mics Pictures of Joshua

• Posted on 9 Sep 2008

Photo's credit to Sarah ♥ please click the picture for larger version

Batang X

• Posted on 30 Aug 2008

watch Joshua in Batang X: The Next Generation

Main Cast:

* Joshua Dionisio as boy
* Charles Hilado as angelo
* Alec Romano as kid-lat
* Jeon Macatangay as control
* Angeli Gonzales as trinity

Joshua Siggie

• Posted on 30 July 2008

New Look!..

• Posted on 10 July 2008

hello JDF sorry for the late update in joshua site.. i am very busy this day and not in the mood making some design's anyway hope you like the new look of the site.. just wanna say thank you to everyone who's still visiting the site... but i hope to those poser in chatbox to stop what u doin you will be ban soon if you keep doing it... so stop it before we ban you ... if you have any comment about the site feel free to contact us please use JDF site as subject...thanks again enjoy your time..

100x100 Icon's

• Posted on 10 July 2008

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